Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love her face, she does need help


  1. I have repaired her body and washed and repaired her underclothes. Looking for an eye so I can close in her head. I am keeping the hole open because is provides some light for me to work on her eye. Ordered one pair of eyes they didn't work out. Looking for eyes again might have to work on a dress for her in the meantime. As my husband says, "You learn by doing".

  2. Hi Fran, I ran across your post of this papermache head you were working on. Did you finish? Take a look at the Santa I repaired (posted on my blog). Your papermache head has alot of the same sort of damage Santa had.

    1. Hi Sarah

      I did finish the doll she is on my blog she is standing with a pink dress on. I did a very minimal repair trying to keep what I loved about her. I looked at your Santa he was a much larger project he looks great. I love saving the old dolls I am working on a China head now. Thanks